Full Sample Set >> Twelve natural botanical fragrance samples.


Full set of 12 samples.
One sample is a little more that 1/2 ml of fragrance; good for a few applications each.

Botica Botanica scents are made using all-natural essential oils, concretes, absolutes and resins. These materials are mixed into a base of pure, nourishing apricot kernel oil.
Handmade in small batches in Portland, Oregon.

<<Amber Lavender​>>
Warm, resinous amber gains complexity when paired with the soft greenness of Oregon-grown lavender.
Amber. Lavender.

<<Beach Agate >>
Inspired by hunting for agate, jasper and driftwood on the wild Oregon coast. Salty ocean spray and seashells, damp sand and overcast skies, sweet sea grass and driftwood-fueled bonfires. The deep meditative state of searching for treasure. Sweet, smoky, slightly musky & thoroughly imbued with ocean magic.
Seashells. Salty Air. Driftwood Fires. Sweetgrass.

<<Corona del Mar >> Lying in the sand, blankets wrapped around shoulders, exhausted from swimming and sunning all day. Salty hair and the sweet citrus-coconut scent of sunscreen lingering slightly on the skin, which is lit by the flickering orange glow from a bonfire. A tribute to the beach days and nights of my adolescence.
Sand. Sunscreen. Salt Water. Bonfire.

<<Davana & Oud >> Boozy and sweet dried fruit and jam, aromatic precious woods, dried hay, damp earth, and vanilla. Davana and precious Oud play into each other, creating a fragrance that is endlessly complex.
Dried Fruit. Vanilla. Oakmoss. Hay.

<<Jasmine '49 >> A spicy and seductive forward jasmine note, enhanced and deepened by rich french tobacco absolute, heady bourbon vanilla, sweet tonka, and warm, resinous amber.
Jasmine Grandiflorum. Tobacco. Tonka. Vanilla. Amber.

<<Lost Blues No. 2​>>
The unexpected brightness of an open sky, a fresh breeze that carries the scent of cedarwood and spruce, the excitement of discovery, and anticipation of further adventure. Lost Blues No. 2 is like coming upon a small clearing in the middle of a long walk through the deep forest.
Cedarwood. Bergamot. Frankincense. Black Spruce.

<<Mushroom Hunting>> is a complex earthy-spicy-woody-smokey magical forest fragrance. Grounding, dark and sultry.
Forest floor. Rain-soaked earth. Precious fungi. Campfire.

<<Sequoia >> Smells of the forest during late summer and fall. Forest floor, carpeted with dry leaves and conifer needles crushing underfoot. Kicking up dirt. Dusty rays of sun, sharp through the canopy of majestic Giant Sequoias and firs. The fragrance of resinous tree sap hangs in the sweet afternoon air.
Giant Sequoia Trees. Fir Trees. Fossilized Amber. Forest Floor.

<<Tobacco & Rose ​>>
The scent of rich, smoky, French blonde tobacco blended with fresh-scented Damask rose. Green, powdery vetiver rounds out the blend, coming forward and lingering once the other notes have begun to fade.
Tobacco. Rose. Leather. Vetiver.

Deep and green, Pacific Northwestern fern and forest floor. Verdure smells of oakmoss and rose, and the spicy combination of moisture and soil.
Oakmoss. Fern. Rose. Soil.

<<Vernal Equinox >>
The ritual of spring. A hike through the forest at dusk, the moon rising. Finding newly sprouted seeds in the fertile dirt. Honoring the change of the seasons with the burning of palo santo and sacred incense - frankincense, white sage and juniper. Spicy, heady, and complex. Infused with magic and possibility.
Palo Santo. Sacred Incense. Smoke. Cedarwood.

<<Wild Honey >>
The experience of spring. Lying in the middle of a field of flowers and tall grass, hidden from view. New blossoms are everywhere. The contrast of warm sunshine and cool, damp earth. There is the sweet, powdery, almost musky scent of honey on the breeze.
Wildflowers. Honey. Magnolia Blossoms. Crushed Grass.

A Note About Botica Botanica Natural Fragrance: ​The personal and intimate quality of natural fragrance is part of what makes it so special. The scent will not fill a room. These fragrances remain close to the body for the enjoyment of the wearer, and those who are near to them. These scents will last anywhere from 3 to 8 hours, depending on the ingredients used. Think of re-application as a personal ritual -- taking a moment out of your day to make yourself feel (and smell) good.

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